What inspired Dr. Mark F. Hobson to write Christian historical fiction?

Dr. Mark F. Hobson’s deep love for Scripture and his experience as a Christian minister served as the primary inspiration for his Christian historical fiction. His background in theology and his desire to weave faith into narratives that resonate with contemporary life issues fueled his creative journey.

How does Dr. Hobson’s background in education contribute to his writing?

Dr. Hobson’s educational background and extensive experience in business and theology lend a unique depth to his writing. His insights into human nature, education, and faith enable him to create characters and narratives that resonate on multiple levels, inviting readers to reflect and grow.

What can readers expect from Dr. Hobson’s novels regarding themes and messages?

Dr. Hobson’s novels delve into themes of redemption, healing, and the enduring love of God. Through his characters’ experiences, he imparts messages of hope, compassion, and the importance of service. His narratives encourage readers to examine their lives, find inspiration, and embrace their roles as caretakers of humanity and the environment.

How can I purchase Dr. Mark F. Hobson’s books?

Purchasing Dr. Mark F. Hobson’s books is easy and convenient. Simply visit our website’s “Shop” section, where you’ll find detailed information about each book, including synopses and reviews. Click on the book you’re interested in, and you’ll be directed to a page where you can choose your preferred format (eBook or physical copy) and proceed to checkout. Payments are securely processed, ensuring a smooth and safe purchase experience.