Exploring Faith, Literature, and Life’s Boundless Connections

Welcome to the inspiring realm of Dr. Mark F. Hobson, where the written word becomes a vessel to explore the intricate interplay between faith, literature, and the complexities of our lives. As an accomplished individual with a diverse background, Dr. Hobson weaves together his extensive career in education, business, and theology to offer readers a transformative experience.

Our Vision

At the heart of our vision lies a deep desire to foster meaningful connections. We believe that the power of literature can bridge the gaps between our spiritual journeys, personal growth, and the challenges we encounter. Through the art of storytelling, Dr. Hobson invites readers to embark on a voyage of discovery, one that unearths the timeless wisdom of Scripture while shedding light on contemporary issues.

Meet Dr. Mark F. Hobson – A Journey of Excellence and Purpose

Dr. Mark F. Hobson, Ph.D., is a name synonymous with excellence and purpose. With advanced degrees in education, theology, and business and an illustrious career spanning these three fields, he brings a unique blend of experience to his literary endeavors. He recently completed a degree in Mind, Brain, and Teaching from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University. Having spent over two decades at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), including a role as Senior Associate Dean of Business, Dr. Hobson’s commitment to education is matched only by his devotion as an ordained minister.

A Beacon of Recognition

Dr. Hobson’s dedication to education was honored when he received the Excellence in Education Award from SNHU. This accolade reflects his commitment to fostering knowledge and underscores his exceptional contribution to the academic community. He was also nationally recognized by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) for the development of SNHU’s Master’s in Business Administration program.

Literary Ventures

Dr. Hobson’s literary pursuits take readers on an evocative journey. Through Christian historical fiction, he crafts narratives that explore themes of redemption, healing, and the profound love of a higher power. In works like “The Mantle” and its sequel “Number 12,” he delves into the depths of faith and addresses pressing issues while inviting readers to contemplate their roles in the grand tapestry of existence.


Bridging Faith and Science

Beyond fiction, Dr. Hobson’s impact is felt in the realm of neuroeducation research. His studies have offered insights into the intersection of education and the human mind, fostering a greater understanding of how faith and learning can intertwine. Dr. Hobson published numerous articles on the neuroscience of education in higher education journals.

Our Promise

As you delve into the pages crafted by Dr. Mark F. Hobson, expect to be inspired, illuminated, and connected. Each word is carefully chosen to resonate with the depths of the soul, inviting you to explore the intricacies of faith, the miracles surrounding us, and the shared responsibility to nurture humanity and our planet.

Join Us on This Journey

Discover the profound wisdom of Scripture, reflect on your own path, and evolve into a more enlightened version of yourself. Through Dr. Hobson’s words, we find the beacon of hope that guides us through the challenges of the modern world.