The Mantle

This fiction work is about “the cloth” that covered the head of Jesus in death, known as “The Mantle,” and those who possess it in history. The book is written in alternating chapters of the mantle’s past, and the present time. The heroic character in the past is the gospel writer, Saint John. The heroic character in the present is Dr. John Mark Hopkins, a college dean and professor who receives the mantle from his grandfather, who was a Free Mason. The central issue of the story is the mantle contains the Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) of Jesus. Those who possess the mantle experience the power of Jesus. They complete miracles in the Name of Jesus. The heroic goal in history is to heal the sick and overcome evil. The heroic goal in the present is to overcome the scourge of drug addiction. The worthy adversary in history is the Roman Empire. The worthy adversary in the present is a Central American drug boss, and Lucifer, who possesses the soul of the drug boss. The action includes the mantle possessors to heal the sick, to be invisible, to fly and travel at will, to be in two places at the same time, and resurrect the dead. The ending is the healing of the drug boss and vanquishing of Lucifer. Dr. Hopkins decides to retire and bequeath the mantle to his son, John, who is also a college professor. The grabber is the mantle is possessed by 12 bearers in history to the second coming of Jesus. Dr. Hopkins is number 11.


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